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50-In-One Electronic Project Lab

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Everyday can be a science fair and every day you can take home the blue ribbon when you have the 50-In-One Electronic Project Lab! Build hundreds of projects, learn new and exciting science lessons all from where you’re sitting right now with this incredible do-it-yourself kit!

The power of electricity. The power of knowledge.

The 50-In-One Electronic Project Lab gives you the chance to jumpstart the career you’ve always wanted in science. There is nothing “absent minded” about the professor who operates this lab. Quite the contrary, if you didn’t have anything between the ears before, you are sure to develop some serious grey matter up there as the 50-In-One Electronic Project Lab teaches you to create up to 500 different experiments and other such valuable skills like reading schematics, writing diagrams and much more!

No longer will you have destroy all your favorite electronics by breaking them open to find out what it is that makes them work. Enjoy a safe and exhilarating experience as you learn to build such devices as a finger touch lamp, transistor radio and metal detector and so much more! You’re bound to build something for yourself that you will keep around for a long, long time.

There are two methods that the 50-In-One Electronic Project Lab uses for safe and simple hook up. The first is the Spring Method, where pre-cut wires and components are slipped into secure spring connectors. The second method (the one preferred by professionals and engineers) is the Breadboard Method, which is featured in the advanced kits, where wires and components are connected to special Breadboard sockets.

Perhaps most amazing of all is the fact that the 50-In-One Electronic Project Lab comes virtually ready fresh out of the box! There are no tools or soldering required to put it together. It operates on a single “9V” battery so there’s no danger of working with dangerous electric currents that could cause you to end up looking like Gene Wilder. You don’t even need any previous experience to put it together and start the fun! The 50-In-One Electronic Project Lab comes with helpful lab-style manuals to walk you through each experiment. Great for those children with a strong curiosity to find out how things work.

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