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Levitron® Perpetuator

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Hours. Days. Weeks. Now with the Levitron Perpetuator everything you’ve come to love about the Levitron can last that much longer!
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Levitron® Perpetuator

The Perpetuator® device is an accessory for use with the Levitron® Anti-Gravity Top.  Levitron® Anti-Gravity Top not included.

Experience everlasting fun with the Levitron Perpetuator!

Having trouble getting your Levitron floating top to stay aloft? Are natural laws like friction ending your fun prematurely? Then the time has come to pick up a Levitron Perpetuator, an awesome device that works best with the CherryWood, Platinum, Omega and Super Levitron models to achieve float times of hours, days and sometimes up to a week!

Normally, when you spin the Levitron’s top, friction in the air will work against it and after a short time (normally 1-5 minutes) the top will falter and eventually fall. But the Levitron Perpetuator takes care of that problem. It is an electromagnet that transfers a slight amount of energy that helps it to overcome the friction and remain in the air.

With most other things, you’d either have to take classes or pay big money to make things last so much longer. But with the Levitron Perpetuator, it’s really quite simple. Just use it in conjunction with any of the versions of Levitron sold here and watch the fun grow exponentially! With the Levitron Perpetuator at hand, what would previously have been several moments of enjoyment is now several hours and sometimes even days! Why, the longest recorded time when using the Levitron Perpetuator was 10 days!


  • Silently spins the top more than 2.5 million revolutions per day!
  • Operates best with the Omega, Platinum, CherryWood, and Super Levitrons


  • 1 Perpetuator
  • 1 Adaptor
  • 1 Warranty Card
  • 1 Instruction Sheet

Essential for the enthusiast wishing to levitate the Levitron top continuously either at the office or at home.

Choking Warning

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