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Innovatoys has several models of this new space-age ant habitat. AntWorks is the original version of this product featuring an environment to watch ants busily tunnel their way through a clear blue gel. What was once hidden below ground is now visible using a transparent gel based on a 2003 experiment conducted by NASA to study the behaviors of animals in space. The AntWorks gel has been carefully formulated to provide all the water, food and nutrients to sustain a long healthy life for the ants. This award winning product was featured in TIME magazine as one of 2005 Best Inventions and received the 2006 Teachers Choice award. The AntWorks makes a great gift for children and adults alike. Add the AntWorks Illuminator and create a cool, futuristic ambient light illuminating the busy lives of the little creatures within its elegant and sophisticated design.

Easy instructions and a coupon for ordering a vial of live ants is included. Also enclosed with every AntWorks habitat is a magnifying lens to view your new little pets as they diligently dig their tunnels. An 'extreme zoom lens' is provided to get up close and amazing detail of even the tiniest of hairs on your little buddies heads.

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AntWorks SpaceAnts

Learn all about ants the way our fearless astronauts do with the Antworks Space Ants habitat. Developed by NASA, this ant colony is unlike any ever created. Fully self-contained, it requires as little attention as possible, other than the hours you'll spend watching the ants go about their lives, of course!
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Rainbow Ant™

Antworks, the creators of some of the most intriguing habitats the earth or outer space has ever seen, brings to you this multi-colored colony for all your ants to call home. Made of vibrant sands, the Rainbow Ants habitat may not be a pot of gold but it is definitely something you will treasure.