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Bigbang Rocket Light Up

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Manufacturer: Fascinations®
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 Great for BBQs, trips to the park or even your front yard or the sidewalk, the Big Bang Rocket – Light Up redefines the rocket toy by being easy to operate, easy to find and, above all, safe for the children and everyone around them!

Go for Launch!

 Here is a rocket toy that lights up the competition then blows them away with a Big Bang! The Big Bang Rocket – Light Up will delight children for hours with its unique design that allows it to be used on virtually any surface at any time, day or night. And parents will love that their children have a safe, reliable rocket toy to play with that also encourages them to think green.

 All those stacks of newspapers in the garage can finally be put to better use than sopping up oil slicks. Just tear off a small piece and lay it across the tube and place the plastic cap on top and you’re almost ready to blast off! Just slip your hand through the toss strap and you have the world’s most unique rocket toy at your command.

 Sling your rocket skyward using the toss strap and marvel as it streaks through the air, lighting up the sky with its magnificent rainbow color display. Now watch as gravity takes over, pulling your Big Bang Rocket down to earth by the nose which, upon touchdown, resounds with a Big Bang.

 This durable rocket toy is safe for use on any surface: grass, sand, dirt, hard concrete, the Big Bang Rocket – Light Up is go for launch in any part of the park. And because its color display stays lit up for a minute, it is ready to go at night as well!

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