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Book Mark

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Book Mark, while crushed in the pages, will not mark your book with blood splatters. He is just another one of the clever and macabre creations from the twisted folks at Suck UK.

Book Mark would be crushed without his books! Wait…

Book Mark is one of the great tragedies in literature. Forget everything you’ve learned from Shakespearean tales of lost loves and such, Book Mark’s story is one of such great irony: His love of books was so great and he got so absorbed in them—becoming such a big part of his life—that they eventually became the death of him! And now his spirit lives on in the pages of your books, saving your place and helping you love your books as much as he does.

Since you were a child, you’ve always kept your place in your books with those little cardboard bookmarks with the long tassel knotted at the end. Book Mark is made of silicon rubber, squished flat from the chest down and he looks like one of those chalk outlines at a crime scene. But poor Book Mark’s misfortune is flat-out a great turn of events for you! With him you have a stylish, if maybe a little morbid, place keeper as anyone sets their eyes on your book will see him squirming under the weight of the pages he’s trapped under.

Book Mark is friends with Dead Fred and all his other pals who have perished under some rather tragic circumstances, including Splat Stan who also happened to get crushed under the weight of his love. Collect them all for one motley and macabre crew flat-lining friends!

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