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Melting Clock

The Melting Clock™ is designed to sit on nearly any flat surface and appears to melt over the side in one of the coolest optical illusions we've seen.

My Sports Clock - Basketball

Take a free-throw with the My Sports Clock Basketball. A free-throw at the wall, that is! When the alarm sounds just pick it up and hurl this clever little clock at the nearest wall for some buzzer-beating heroics.
$20.00 $17.95

My Sports Clock - Football

Specifically designed for the Monday Morning Quarterback who will swear he throws a tight spiral everyday he wakes up with this awesome bouncing alarm clock. If you know one of these gridiron warriors, then perhaps you should get them a My Sports Clock Football because you and I both know the only target they can hit is their bedroom wall.
$20.00 $17.95

My Sports Clock - Golf

Jack Nicholas, Tiger Woods….uh…well, we’re sure you know more of golf’s greats than we do. That’s why the My Sports Clock Golf Ball is just what you need to begin your day. Just make sure to yell, “Fore!” before launching it in your significant other’s direction!
$20.00 $17.95

My Sports Clock - Soccer

You always wake up kicking and screaming anyways so why not do it with good reason? If you’re going to throw a fit when you’re woken up, and possibly your alarm clock, then do it with the My Sports Clock Soccer Ball. When the alarm on this awesome, bouncing alarm clock goes off in the morning, give it a good, swift kick into the wall to turn it off.
$20.00 $17.95

Solar Powered Clock

Full of style and low on maintenance, the Solar Powered Clock is brilliant new timepiece from the unique minds over at Suck UK. Incorporating style, and efficiency, into its environmentally-conscious design, the Solar Powered Clock will become a big hit with everyone who sees it, as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow.
$50.00 $49.95

Spy Clock 16'

Like a brooding philosopher, clocks hang there on the wall or rest on your table, in mute contemplation of what is happening in front of them. Why not partake of some of the wisdom it has to impart by picking up the Spy Clock, a beautiful and brilliant timepiece from one of the world’s foremost designers?
$50.00 $43.95

Talking Kim Alarm Clock

Talking Kim Alarm Clock is far more than a typical alarm clock. It’s so great to wake up next to a cute girl every morning. Press her nose and Kim will state the current time in a mechanical voice and her eyes will light up red. Kim can imitate the sound of a rooster also.