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Time Machine - Kinetic Motion Clock

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Think it’s strange to worry about being late, when you’re watching a clock? Then you haven’t seen the Time Machine Clock. Every sixty seconds steel balls roll, drop, and rumble down the tracks. And since all this marks the passage of another minute, knowing the correct time isn’t a problem. The problem is dragging yourself away.
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Time Machine - Kinetic Motion Clock

This clock might make you late for dinner.

The Time Machine Clock has redefined the term "Watching the Clock". That's because watching this kinetic timepiece means observing a never-ending parade of steel balls. The balls roll down spiral tracks, then clunk, crash, and cruise their way to the bottom. From there, they are scooped back up to start it all again.

Just like the motion of time itself, the characters in this drama never stop moving for long. Every minute, the rotating arm grabs a ball from the bottom. It drops the ball on the highest spot on the uppermost ramp, and thus begins an orchestrated series of timekeeping events.

The fist ball descends to the upper row, followed by four more balls. The all-important fifth ball triggers a collapse. But don't worry. This is a good collapse! The first four balls are released, and the fifth ball descends to the next row. After 12 hours the balls in the bottom row are set free, and it starts all over again. Whew!

The artful motions and high-tech style of the Time Machine Clock make it an attractive addition to any room. Use the clear plastic cover to protect the clock when you aren't viewing it directly.

But remember: Please don't blame us if the Time Machine Clock makes you late for dinner. We can't make you stop watching it.


  • Accelerator: 1 1/2 x 1 5/8 inches
  • 3 drop/connecting holes
  • Helix: 14 3/4 long, 9 1/2 inch diameter
  • Battery operated with an AC Adapter jack. 4 C batteries not included.
  • Available in black
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