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Dead Fred & Friends

Dead Fred and Friends – Morbid martyrs of fiendish fun!

Do you feel that life is just a joke? How about death? If you’ve never thought the Great Unknown was something to make light of, you’ve obviously never met Dead Fred and Friends, a group of chums whose grisly departures from this world came trying to keep help make life more fun for you!

Dead Fred and Friends are not the kind of people you want to hang around. Every one of them seems to have his life cut short is some tragic way. Whether it’s getting brutally stabbed through the heart, being completely run through by an assortment of sharp objects or being crushed to death (by a giant coffee cup or otherwise), this collection of hapless heroes from the sickos at Suck UK will “liven” up your world. After all, we just said you wouldn’t want to hang around them but decorating your home or office with them is a different story.

Dead Fred, Splat Stan, Book Mark, Hanging Harry, Stress Ball Paul and the Voodoo Knife Holder are here to give their lives in service of you, be it holding your pen in place, keeping you coffee table safe from stains, saving your place in a book or a number of other tasks that make your life easier at great cost to theirs.

Add these dearly departed dudes to your home or office and you will get some ghoulishly good giggles out of anyone who sets their eyes on them.

Dead Fred and Friends are quirky pals that aren’t just for the emo kid looking to decorate his all black room with some kind of macabre ornaments. Anybody with a taste for things out-of-the-ordinary and a little bizarre will get a kick out of these posthumous companions.

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Book Mark

Book Mark, while crushed in the pages, will not mark your book with blood splatters. He is just another one of the clever and macabre creations from the twisted folks at Suck UK.

Dead Fred

Do you get frustrated when your pen rolls off of your desk and under the table? Then when you bend to grab it, you smack your head on the underside of the table. You ever just want to stab somebody when that happens? Then Dead Fred is just the man you've been looking for! Make sure that pen stays where it should when you thrust it straight through Fred's heart!

Splat Stan

'No! No! not without a coaster!' SPLAT! Poor Stan, he was so concerned with protecting your table from those awful stains left by your coffee mug that he martyred himself to thecause. But not even death can stop him! Splat Stan is still out to make sure you tables look brand new, even though he's passed on!
$12.00 $11.95

Stress Paul

Work and stress go hand in hand. And so do stress and Paul! That's because when you pick this little guy up and give him a squeeze, all your troubles will be wrung from your body, just like juice from an orange! A fun twist on the old stress balls, Stress Paul is a definite must for any work environment. Because hey, if not your boss' neck, why not his?