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Hexbug Crab

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Manufacturer: Fascinations®
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Intelligent and entertaining, the Hexbug Crab will have you locked in the pincers of his engaging behavior! Watch him crawl around, taking the easiest path he can find until he reaches a nice, quiet place to rest for a little while.

It’s fun to be crabby!

The Hexbug Crab ain’t your typical crustacean. Indeed, we doubt you’d find this scurrying, mechanized shellfish edible like its aquatic counterpart, but what it lacks in taste, the Hexbug Crab makes up for with its unique personality, including the lifelike way it can negotiate the path in front of it and how it reacts to certain stimuli.

If you want to catch crabs for a living, be our guest. But braving a treacherous sea only to have your fingers clamped on by incredibly painful pincers isn’t a line of work we’d prefer and, if you feel the same, why not check out the Hexbug Crab, instead? It’s easier to catch, more fun to watch and safer to pick up.

The Hexbug Crab, like his Original counterpart, is sensitive to both touch and sound and can find his way around, despite what lies in his path. Built-in sensors help it to avoid obstacles and you can also lend some assistance by clapping or making noise to change his direction. The Hexbug Crab also an exciting new feature that will have him hide in dark spaces, thanks to high-tech light sensors.

The Hexbug Crab will enjoy exploring whatever area you decide to turn him loose. And you’ll get just as big of a kick watching him search for the easiest way to get around and a dark little corner to hide in.

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