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Hexbug Original Micro Robotic Bug

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Manufacturer: Fascinations®
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This is one creature you’ll be glad to have around bugging you!

The Hexbug Original will change all those preconceived notions of yours in regards to creepy-crawly insects and robots as being unfeeling creatures with nothing to offer. On the contrary, the Hexbug will have you clamoring at its intelligent and lifelike behavior. Indeed, it will become your sidekick at work or at home once you catch a glimpse of what this amazing robotic bug can do!

Most bugs will crawl over anything, most annoyingly, you and the sight of them is enough to make you cringe. But that is not so with the Hexbug. The sight of this little creature scooting along will fill you with waves of excitement as he astounds you with the truly intelligent way he makes his way around.

Sensitive to touch and sound, Hexbug can easily traverse whatever terrain he encounters. If he comes upon an obstacle, he will search around for an easier way to proceed. And, should you wish to guide him in his journey, simply clap or yell at Hexbug and he will change course! How many bugs do you know that can take direction like that?

Take him to work and let him explore the topography of your desk or turn him loose at home and let him freak out your pets! Of course, with his timid nature, Hexbug will just search for a way around when he bumps into them.

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