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iXP3™ Internet Clock

Are you ready for an exciting, new way of communicating that will keep you in touch with friends and family all over the world? The ixp3 Internet Message Clock is the next step in the evolution of texting and instant messaging and requires nothing more than the unit itself to receive and display messages from anywhere on Earth as long as there is an internet connection.

The ixp3 Internet message Clock features three modes that offer you a convenient option to make communicating easier and more fun, whether you use it in your personal or professional life.

Commercial Mode
The Commercial Mode is perfect for checkout lines, teller windows and any area with a lot of customer traffic as the ixp3 can be used to give constant updates on prices, services and more and to several locations all at once!
Chat Mode
The Chat Mode is ideal for keeping in touch with those loved ones spread all across the world. Instead of boring old chat windows, the ixp3 displays your messages almost instantly in a band of colored light that floats in midair. Instant messaging will never be the same again!
Message Mode
The Message Mode is the long-overdue alternative to emailing. You can be sure that no one will hack into your account and gain access to your personal messages. The ixp3 can store up to 50 messages that you will then be able to sort through at your convenience.