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Atlas Of Levitation

A recent breakthrough in magnetic induction technology allows us to wirelessly power up LEDs embedded in our levitating platform. So now you can not only levitate but also illuminate your favorite collectibles and memorabilia. Museum quality design and futuristic effects make this a must have for home or office.

Levitron Ultimate

A CHALLENGE TO MASTER A MIRACLE TO BEHOLD ! An advanced version of the original LEVITRON® magnetic floating top. This advancement is made possible through the use of high-powered, neodymium iron boron magnets. The new Levitron® Ultimate is the highest floating Levitron® anti-gravity top ever! This ingenious top is able to levitate in mid-air by harnessing the lifting power of two opposed, permanent magnets and is stabilized in space by the gyroscopic effect spinning produces. Space Age Metalic Design ITEM#: LEV25 UPC#: 032309867213
$54.00 $45.99

Levitron® CherryWood

Tired of staring at your computer screen for eight hours a day? Then take a break to gawk at the Levitron CherryWood for awhile. This amazing floating top will garner attention from everyone who lays eyes on it. It's a beautiful compliment to any desk with its beautiful wood finish and the way that it defies gravity will captivate everyone's attention.
$60.00 $49.95

Levitron® World Stage

Very appropriately, the globe above the Levitron World Stage is bathed in light. That is because this stunning decoration is going to be a star and everyone is going to want to catch a glimpse of it.