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Levitron® World Stage

Availability: Out of stock
Manufacturers: LEVITRON® , Fascinations®
  • Gift wrap: Available at check out

Very appropriately, the globe above the Levitron World Stage is bathed in light. That is because this stunning decoration is going to be a star and everyone is going to want to catch a glimpse of it.

The world has been waiting for this

The Levitron World Stage is an exciting new product from the masters of anti-gravity technology and a fascinating piece of desk decor that will surely be in the spotlight at work. It is a simple and stylish, yet incredibly effective way to draw attention as strong as the pull of the earth’s gravity.

If you’re tired of the clutter of countless tired desk and office accessories like silver ball clackers or pressing your face into that pin toy and feeling the cold metal slide up your nose, then you might want to clear some space, for the Levitron World Stage. In fact, you may want to clear off the entire desk since anything else would just take up space as all eyes will be on it and the amazing display it puts on.

The World Stage includes a 3” globe that not only levitates in space but also rotates in midair! On top of that, the base over which the globe hovers features 8 LEDs that cover it in a shroud of brilliant light. What you get is an intoxicating show that will give you something to veg out on during the long work day of staring at the computer. But, like we said, you may just want to toss the old monitor in the trash as well once you pick up the Levitron World Stage.

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