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Levitron® CherryWood

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A touch of style and a touch of class…science class that is.

The Levitron CherryWood is all class and the most elegant version of the Levitron Floating Top! You’ve always wanted an office decorated with the finest furniture but as it is, you work out of your garage and use a folding poker table for a desk. But there is still hope for you to turn that cobweb covered cave into a stylish little office and you can start by picking up a Levitron CherryWood, an amazing desktop item that will awe your coworkers and offer some fine distraction to the everyday tedium of work.

Every desk needs a little pizzazz, a little panache, some élan and elegance. Whatever you want to call it, that little something special you’re looking for can be found in the Levitron CherryWood. Its cherry wood finish makes it a beautiful addition to any workspace and its brass leveling legs make for a fine accent to the beautiful base.

But the real beauty of the Levitron CherryWood rests in the awe-inspiring, anti-gravity dance it puts on above an open-center base. It uses neodymium iron boron permanent magnets, housed in the wood base, to hoist the little top to surprising heights above the hole and keep it suspended there to dazzle onlookers. Just give the top a spin and watch it take off!

It is a wonder of magnetism and physics. The polar magnets of the top and base grapple with each other, as well as gravity, to make it float. And to keep it aloft in this magnetic field, the top spins gyroscopically to prevent it from tipping over. With enough practice with the Levitron CherryWood, you’ll be able to achieve fantastic heights and greater float times.


  • Uses Rare-Earth Neodymium Iron Boron!
  • Cherry Wood
  • Top firmly attaches to Lifter Plate for easy transport and storage
  • Recommended for ages 8 and up


  • Floating top
  • Cherry Wood Lifter Plate
  • Cherry Wood Magnetic Base
  • Adjustable brass leveling legs
  • Assortment of adjustable weights
  • Levitron physics guide

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