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Levitron® Omega

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A challenge to master, a miracle to behold! The Levitron Omega is a great place for beginners to start to find out what the amazing Levitron line is all about!
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Levitron® Omega

Back again! It's the Levitron Omega reaching new heights of amazement!

The Levitron Omega, like most of us who are too smart for our own good, has been called names in the past. But I'm willing to bet none of you out there have ever been called the best new science toy in a generation, like the American Association Physics Teachers called the original Levitron. And this is its successor so you can bet that it's even better. And, in fact, it is! With one spin, the Levitron Omega will float twice as high as the ones that came before!

Permanent magnets produce a magnetic field that, with the aid of precession and gyroscopic motion, will keep the Levitron Omega's floating top suspended in midair for extended periods of time. If you've ever tried to make a one powerful magnet float above another, you'll notice the one you try to get to hover will invariably flip over and rash into the one below it. The way the Levitron remedies this is the simple little top whose spin produces enough gyroscopic motion to keep the magnet from flipping over.

Are there any magicians in the house? The Levitron Omega is the choice of most illusionists. Just strap it to the underside of any thin table and amaze your friends with the awesome power of the Levitron Omega. With enough practice, you'll be able to achieve longer and higher float times. And try adding the Levitron Perpetuator for the longest float times imaginable!


  • New Powerful Neodymium Magnet
  • Floats twice as high as the original
  • Easier to spin
  • Recommended for ages 8 and up


  • Floating top
  • Magnetic Omega Base
  • Assortment of adjustable weights
  • Clear plastic lifter cover
  • Adjustable leveling legs
  • Instruction sheet
  • Levitron physics guide

Choking Warning