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Levitron® Revolution

desk decor, desk and office accessories
Witness the amazing power of magnetic levitation as the Levitron Revolution gives you the chance to wield it! Now it’s your turn to decide what you want to see floating in the air. Display some of your favorite small objects and watch them hover and rotate. Let the revolution begin!
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Levitron® Revolution

Viva la Revolution!

Prepare for the Levitron Revolution and join up with the only force around that can bequeath unto you, the common man, the power to levitate your favorite small objects! It used to be the only things with the power to levitate were the globes brought to you by Levitron and one New York magician, but not anymore! Now that the Levitron Revolution has begun, anyone has the power. Take that David Blaine!

This amazing little piece of state-of the-art technology will, shall we say, “Revolution”-ize the way you display your favorite collectibles and many other assorted items! Action figures, tea candles, a special ring, any little item with a weight under 12 oz can easily and ceaselessly be held aloft in midair to be displayed in an elegant light for all to see and in a way your cherished belongings deserve.

Just place the desired object you wish to see levitate onto the small disk and the groundbreaking maglev technology will keep it hoisted there, inches above the base while the disk itself rotates, allowing you and everyone else the chance to view it in all its splendor. The base will add to elegant, museum-like quality of the display as it illuminates the object you wish to show off in a wash of LED lights.

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