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5W LED Bulb Incandescent & CFL Replacement

With 5 extra-bright LEDs, this highly efficient 5 watt LED bulb is the perfect replacement for the 40-watt incandescent light bulb, but only consumes one-eighth the power.
$27.90 $19.95

Bigbang Rocket Light Up

Great for BBQs, trips to the park or even your front yard or the sidewalk, the Big Bang Rocket – Light Up redefines the rocket toy by being easy to operate, easy to find and, above all, safe for the children and everyone around them! Go for Launch! Here is a rocket toy that lights up the competition then blows them away with a Big Bang! The Big Bang Rocket – Light Up will delight children for hours with its unique design that allows it to be used on virtually any surface at any time, day or night. And parents will love that their children have a safe, reliable rocket toy to play with that also encourages them to think green. All those stacks of newspapers in the garage can finally be put to better use than sopping up oil slicks. Just tear off a small piece and lay it across the tube and place the plastic cap on top and you’re almost ready to blast off! Just slip your hand through the toss strap and you have the world’s most unique rocket toy at your command. Sling your rocket skyward using the toss strap and marvel as it streaks through the air, lighting up the sky with its magnificent rainbow color display. Now watch as gravity takes over, pulling your Big Bang Rocket down to earth by the nose which, upon touchdown, resounds with a Big Bang. This durable rocket toy is safe for use on any surface: grass, sand, dirt, hard concrete, the Big Bang Rocket – Light Up is go for launch in any part of the park. And because its color display stays lit up for a minute, it is ready to go at night as well!

Celestial Globe

In the daylight hours, the Celestial Globe may appear to be like any other but at nightfall that all changes! What was once a typical round map of the world suddenly transforms into a beautifully illuminated map of the stars!

Color Morphing Champagne Bucket w/ Remote

If you’re looking for a great way to spice up your parties, try the LED color changing ice bucket. This ice bucket’s subtle glow adds a beautiful and stylish lighting effect to any room. It’s a perfect conversation piece and a great way to announce the presence of champagne to party guests.
$75.00 $69.95

Dynaflex Amber Powerball

$40.95 $37.95

Electric Jellyfish Lamp

- Beautiful Life-like Jellyfish - Realistic Tranquil Motion - Great for Home or Office - Intriguing Conversation Piece - 2 Realistic Jellyfish - Illuminated With 18 Leds - Auto-Shutoff - Instructions Included - Low Voltage Adapter Included - Dimensions: 14” High x 5.5" Square

Faucet Light

Add a brilliant blue stream of light to any faucet. Some say that it makes your water look like alien mouthwash, some say that it looks like the gel in an AntWorks. We say it just looks cool.


Can You Imagine a double-headed basketball game with a built-in light show? Can You Imagine the sounds of a crowd going wild whenever you score? Can You Imagine having 3 different lighting modes to choose from and all in the palm of your hand? We did! Presenting Hoops™ - this is basketball like you’ve never seen before! Turn any room or party into a basketball arena complete with a cheering crowd. Hoops™ is twice as much fun as regular basketball because it really keeps you on your toes. Once you make your first basket you must sink another one on the opposite side before the crowd stops cheering to keep playing. It’s hours of fun for all ages and plays in 3 different light show modes to add to the excitement. Hoops™ has been designed to fit comfortably in your hand and has a NON-SLIP RUBBERIZED grip. You can take it anywhere you want to have some real basketball fun. It’s great for parties, get-togethers, ice breakers or just by yourself. Hoops™ - TWICE THE FUN BUT ONLY ONE WINNER!

Jellyfish Lamp

Enjoy owning your own beautiful jellyfish aquarium without the hassles of the periodic cleaning and maintenance.Bring a sooting ambiance to any home or office Power: 3 "AA" batteries (not included). Item#: LAMPJELL MOQ: 6pcs. UPC#: 032309222487

Knock Off Lamp

Knock Off Lamp might not be the best choice of words, considering this is one of the coolest and most unique lights you are ever likely to see! It sports a completely original design that will add a quirky accent to any room it’s placed in. And because of this, we’re certain the Knock Off Lamp will quickly become kingpin among all other lamps.
$32.00 $25.95

LED High Efficiency Grow Light

Based on NASA experiments studying plant life in space, the LED High Efficiency Grow Light uses the perfect ratio of red and blue LEDs to best stimulate the natural process of photosynthesis. The LED High Efficiency Grow Light also saves you electricity by only producing light at the wavelengths that plans need to grow.
$79.95 $69.95

LED RGB Lightbulb /w Remote Control

Hey, we have an idea! How ‘bout a light bulb that offers you a selection of colors to choose from and cuts back on not only your energy consumption, but your energy bills as well? Well someone must’ve seen the light bulb go off above our heads, because now we bring you the LED BRG Light Bulb, a multi-colored lighting bulb that gives you over a dozen colors to choose from via a wireless remote, all the while, drastically reducing how much energy and money you burn.