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Sun Jar - Blue

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Good day, sunshine!

The Blue Sun Jar LED Night Light stores up excess sunshine throughout the day and saves it for later to help illuminate the night when only the moon is shining. Using a real Mason jar to hold the sunshine in, It gained notoriety when it won the Eco-Friendly Gift of the Year in 2007 and now is your chance to own to own this amazing lamp and see why people everywhere consider it to be such a bright idea.

You may have thought Mason jars were only used by your grandma to preserves the plums and pears from her back yard but not anymore! The folks over at Suck UK have done scooped and cleaned out the contents of these old containers and have replaced them with lamp that, thanks to the airtight quality of jar itself, can even be used outside!

Place the Blue Sun Jar LED Night Light in direct sunlight and it will draw the required energy to glow throughout the night. With its solar cell drinking in the sun’s rays, the Blue Sun Jar’s rechargeable battery will be provided with the necessary energy to power the low energy LED lamps which produce the icy blue glow.

As stated earlier, the Blue Sun Jar LED Night Light works great indoors and out and will make an excellent addition to your garden or patio area and will be perfectly safe, regardless of the weather!