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Temperature Controlled Faucet Light

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Temperature Controlled Faucet Light – This fun yet functional product allows you to determine the water temperature based on the color of the light stream it produces. At 89˚ F (32˚ C) and above, the light changes from blue to red letting you know your water has warmed up. Adding the Temperature Controlled Faucet Light is a wonderful way to spice up your bathroom, kitchen or anywhere with a faucet. Now you can have a small light show every time you go to use the sink. Use of the Temperature Controlled Faucet Light is also very helpful for elderly people by helping to prevent burns caused by accidentally turning on the hot water.


  • Chrome Faucet Light Chamber
  • Universal adaptors for compatibility with almost any faucet within the US
  • 6 total AG13 watch batteries (3 installed 3 spare)
  • Wire Screen
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