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My Sports Clock™

It's Game On with the My Sports Clock!

Be Game-Ready every morning with the My Sports Clock! These alarm clocks know how you really feel about them and are good sports about it! They don't mind being thrown around. In fact, they encourage it! Because that's the way you turn them off!

Mornings are now game time with My Sports Clock! These amazing, bouncing alarm clocks allow you to get your shot in after the buzzer! That's correct! Your shot will count as the way to turn these clocks off is by lobbing them up against a wall! How many times have you wanted to do that with your alarm clock? Better yet, how many times HAVE you done that only to have your clock shatter into smithereens? Now you don't have to worry about that as the My Sports Alarm Clock, like most athletes, can take a big hit and keep right on going (had to refrain from using a trademark there.)!

Pick your favorite sport: football, baseball, basketball, golf or the world's sport, soccer! Each My Sports Alarm Clocks comes modeled after the focal point of all these great pastimes (but where's the croquet?) and are built tough enough to withstand a daily beating.

Wind up and release your tension in the mornings and actually feel good about it! The My Sports Clock makes an excellent gift for the man (or boy) in your life, especially those who take exception to waking up in the morning. No matter what the sport they're into (unless croquet), the My Sports Clock will get them ready for the big day ahead!

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