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Rainbow Ant™

Antworks, the creators of some of the most intriguing habitats the earth or outer space has ever seen, brings to you this multi-colored colony for all your ants to call home. Made of vibrant sands, the Rainbow Ants habitat may not be a pot of gold but it is definitely something you will treasure.
Out of stock

AntWorks Ant Habitat

Antworks brings you this awesome, state-of-the-art ant colony. Using Space Age technology, the unique design of the Antworks Ant habitat lets observers experience the wonders of these incredible civilizations in entirely new way.
$25.90 $24.90
Out of stock

Magic Jellyfish

BEAUTIFUL, GLIDING JELLYFISH IN DEEP SEA ILLUMINATION Soothing and tranquil, watch as the Magic Jellyfish bob and swim through their stylish miniaquarium Multi-colored LED lighting (includes 4 hour auto-off feature) Item Dim. 9.7”L x 7.3”W x 2.5”D MAGICJF1 - 110v. / 220v. AC
Out of stock

Sunprint Paper Kit (4x6)

The Sunprint Paper Kit offers an interesting approach to art for those of us who wish to try capturing a piece of the beauty nature has to offer. It is a kind of educational art as well. You will be amazed at the designs and shapes resulting from the combination of sunlight, water and your imagination!
Out of stock

Super Snow

Enjoy sledding, snowball fights or snow-scapes any time of year thanks to Super Snow. Just add water and stir and watch in amazement as it grows 100 times its original volume and turns into sparkling snow.
$20.00 $19.95
Out of stock

AntWorks™ Illuminated Blue Combo Kit

Colored LED lights and translucent 3D gel make AntWorks™ the ant farm for the 21st century. Sure, old-fashioned dirt ant farms are kind of cool. But dirt farms are dark, and it can be hard to even find the ants. But AntWorks™ is different. It's a non-stop insect light parade!
$36.95 $30.90
Out of stock

AntWorks TvQuarium

Nature shows can be boring—there’s no reason to lie. When it comes to experiencing Nature, there’s nothing like first hand. The AntWorks TvQuarium gives you all the educational value of a great wildlife documentary but lets you view it all live, right there in front of your eyes! The ants go on about their merry lives, digging and tunneling, just as they would in their natural habitat and it’s all displayed in a unique television-shaped colony!
$35.95 $30.95