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Airzooka Air Gun

Laser tag, Cowboys and Indians, Cops and robbers, these are all kids games! You're grown up now... but that doesn't mean you can't have fun! Even at work, when you tire of toiling around your cube and want to lash out a bit, you can still have a little youthful enjoyment - just by breaking out the AirZooka and letting loose on your coworkers with a barrage of gale-force fun!
$19.90 $9.99

AntWorks Ant Habitat

Antworks brings you this awesome, state-of-the-art ant colony. Using Space Age technology, the unique design of the Antworks Ant habitat lets observers experience the wonders of these incredible civilizations in entirely new way.
$25.90 $24.90

AntWorks SpaceAnts

Learn all about ants the way our fearless astronauts do with the Antworks Space Ants habitat. Developed by NASA, this ant colony is unlike any ever created. Fully self-contained, it requires as little attention as possible, other than the hours you'll spend watching the ants go about their lives, of course!
$29.90 $22.95

Book Mark

Book Mark, while crushed in the pages, will not mark your book with blood splatters. He is just another one of the clever and macabre creations from the twisted folks at Suck UK.

Bottle Opener Fridge Magnet

Our friends at Suck UK have brought us perhaps the most useful invention ever created - a bottle opener that sticks right to your fridge!Just place this on your refrigerator (a super strong magnet holds the opener in place) and never look for a bottle opener again. The beautiful, stainless steel finish makes this item both classy as well as functional. We recommend getting two - these make awesome gifts that anyone can use.

Calendar Tape

Never forget another important date again. Calendar Tape from Suck UK is an exciting new way to keep your days in order without resorting to the same old calendars with pictures of window sills covered in 'purdy flowers.' Just stick it to your wall and Calendar Tape will keep you informed of all your pressing engagements in a style all its own.

Cool 52s Ice Tray

Go on, drop the big one. Big, mean, and icy clean--these icy bombs make any drink a blast and are bang on for cooling drinks down when things start to heat up.
$9.99 $2.50

Copter pen

Load one of the four flying disks. Then grab the ripcord and pull. This launches a disk up into the air where it hovers and then gently floats back to eart
$8.95 $2.50

Dead Fred

Do you get frustrated when your pen rolls off of your desk and under the table? Then when you bend to grab it, you smack your head on the underside of the table. You ever just want to stab somebody when that happens? Then Dead Fred is just the man you've been looking for! Make sure that pen stays where it should when you thrust it straight through Fred's heart!

Digital Coin Sorter

Need a perfect gift for that person in your life who's always thinking practically? Or are you in need of a way to deal with those mountains of change piling up all over your home? then the Digital Coin Sorter is just what you need!

Dynaflex Amber Powerball

$40.95 $37.95

Dynaflex Powerball Speed Meter

This is a must-have, add-on for Dynaflex Powerball upgrading the ball to the ultimate performance machine. Just snap it into your Dynaflex Powerball and begin recording your speeds. The Dynaflex Speed Meter displays your RPM in real time and records your high scores. It also calculates the maximum numbers of the revolutions. A great tool to precisely keep track of your progress! Have fun with your friends or coworkers by engaging in competitions to see who can generate the fastest speeds!
$25.00 $19.95