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Airzooka Air Gun

Laser tag, Cowboys and Indians, Cops and robbers, these are all kids games! You're grown up now... but that doesn't mean you can't have fun! Even at work, when you tire of toiling around your cube and want to lash out a bit, you can still have a little youthful enjoyment - just by breaking out the AirZooka and letting loose on your coworkers with a barrage of gale-force fun!
$19.90 $9.99

AntWorks Ant Habitat

Antworks brings you this awesome, state-of-the-art ant colony. Using Space Age technology, the unique design of the Antworks Ant habitat lets observers experience the wonders of these incredible civilizations in entirely new way.
$25.90 $24.90

AntWorks SpaceAnts

Learn all about ants the way our fearless astronauts do with the Antworks Space Ants habitat. Developed by NASA, this ant colony is unlike any ever created. Fully self-contained, it requires as little attention as possible, other than the hours you'll spend watching the ants go about their lives, of course!
$29.90 $22.95

Book Mark

Book Mark, while crushed in the pages, will not mark your book with blood splatters. He is just another one of the clever and macabre creations from the twisted folks at Suck UK.