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Airzooka Air Gun

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Laser tag, Cowboys and Indians, Cops and robbers, these are all kids games! You're grown up now... but that doesn't mean you can't have fun! Even at work, when you tire of toiling around your cube and want to lash out a bit, you can still have a little youthful enjoyment - just by breaking out the AirZooka and letting loose on your coworkers with a barrage of gale-force fun!
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Airzooka Air Gun

Shoot the breeze!

The AirZooka is an air rifle in every sense of the word. But it doesn't fire potentially dangerous BBs or pellets or even those annoying little yellow plastic buggers that are so much fun to torment friends and family with. The AirZooka hurls a blast of air towards unsuspecting targets, making for a fun game that's even safer than dodge ball!

Essentially a big, tapered cone, the AirZooka is a long-range weapon that is not only less-than-lethal, it's less-than-painful. But still, it can be a shade over annoying if you're being pelted with big gusts of air all day and not knowing where they're coming from! Although the fun can be unlimited if you're the sniping with the power of the zephyr!

To work the AirZooka simply gather your target in your sights, pull back on the elastic launcher as you would a bow and release. In a matter of seconds a 4 ½ liter vortex of air will come crashing into it. Mess up that pretty boy's hair, send the anal-retentive coworker's papers scattering about the office or extinguish that putrid scented candle your wife lights up every night! The possibilities are endless and with the Air Strike, you can wage an all-out war on whatever annoys you with a touch as gentle as a summer breeze!

Airzooka is also great fun for dogs and cats! Well, actually all the fun is had by you - but it is a very effective, safe and humane way to keep fluffy and fido off of the furniture.


  • Blasts of Air Shoot Beyond 20 feet!
  • Pop Up Site for Precise Aim
  • Simple Assembly
  • Safe
  • Ages 6 and Up
  • Dimensions: 10 1/2" x 10 3/4" x 7 1/2"
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