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Optical Illusion

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Celestial Globe

In the daylight hours, the Celestial Globe may appear to be like any other but at nightfall that all changes! What was once a typical round map of the world suddenly transforms into a beautifully illuminated map of the stars!

Incredible Micro Bank

An amazing and fun optical illusion separates the Incredible Micro Bank from other piggy banks.
$12.50 $11.50

Maze Bank

Take your chances at completing the world's 1st coin maze-bank-puzzle-game. Insert any round coin (the size of a US quarter or smaller) into the top of Jackpot Money Ball TM, and test your skill. Flip and turn the ball to navigate your coin on a path of fun, and sometimes frustrating, obstacles and pitfalls. Do you have what it takes to turn, nudge, flip, & roll your coin safely through a labyrinth of almost 10' of challenging track? One wrong move and your coin will fall into the locked coin chamber. Feeling lucky? Why not try again, it will only cost you one more coin? If you're skilled enough to complete the path and drop your coin into the winning bucket, simply push the prize lever to release the coin chamber door and watch your plunder spill out. JACKPOT! YOU WIN! ...and who doesn't like to win MONEY! So now you're an expert? Try a new coin...each type of coin travels the tracks differently, bringing new challenges and countless hours of fun. While other mazes can become mundane, you'll never get bored with Jackpot Money Ball TM! Feeling REALLY lucky? Try challenging your friends. Race to see who can be the first of your friends to solve Jackpot Money Ball TM. Try to be the first to complete the circuit (solve consecutively with a penny, nickel, dime, & quarter). How big can the JACKPOT get at your next party? Use Jackpot Money Ball TM at your next fundraiser. The ways to play are endless! Jackpot Money Ball TM is proudly made in the USA. The unique, patent-pending design includes a molded-in stand for you to display on your desk, coffee table, or game shelf. It ships fully assembled and ready to play right out of the box.
$34.95 $15.00

Mirage - Ghostly Optical Illusion

With the Mirage – Ghostly Optical Illusion you can toy with friends and coworkers by having them grab for things that aren’t really there... at least not where they seem to be. It is a trick that will truly boggle your mind if you don’t know how it’s done. And even then it will still have you shaking your head in disbelief!
$50.00 $42.95