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Disappearing Money Bank

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Piggy bank collectors and wannabe magicians will swoon over the Disappearing Money Bank. Others, who may have been affected by the recent economic woes, may find that it hits too close to home. But hey! while you never know what may come when putting your money in a REAL bank, you can rest assured that, with the Disappearing Money, your money is safe, even when it’s doing its impersonation of the real thing!
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Disappearing Money Bank

Unlike real life, this is just a neat trick!

The Disappearing Money Bank is an all-too-familiar reminder of what has become painfully true for all of us folks who are naïve enough to take our money out of the shoebox from under our beds and place it in a financial institution: Never trust a bank! Because once you deposit that cash of yours, there’s a chance won’t be seeing it again. Oh you’ll keep pumping in money but you’ll have no idea where it’s going or if you will ever get it back!

Luckily for us, the Disappearing Money Bank is just a unique piggy bank and not run by some morally bankrupt individual looking to make himself a pair of pajamas made from your cash - it’s a clever optical illusion that makes it seem as though the money you put in has vanished before your very eyes, the only thing visible being the colorful 3D cube or airplane floating within the cube. Shaking it, you can hear the coins rattling around inside but alas! they are nowhere to be found. A hidden latch keeps both coins and the Disappearing Money Bank’s secret concealed from everyone except the one who possesses.

The Disappearing Money Bank makes for a great gift for anybody who has a sense of human about current issues, especially if that someone happens to work in one of those notorious banks we’ve all heard so much about. But if you don’t find what’s going on to be a laughing matter and don’t know any employees of these institutions, the Disappearing Money Bank will make a fine gift for a child as a lesson in savings... because we all know they’ll need to start early!


  • 3" Cube
  • Artistic image that appears to levitate inside the bank
  • Drop in your coins and watch them vanish before your eyes
  • Premium programs available with custom colors, designs and messages
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