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In 1831, Michael Faraday discovered how to transform mechanical energy into continuous electrical energy by moving conductors through magnetic fields, thus laying the foundation for today's technological society. The Dynamo Flashlight is based on this discovery...more
Ants are fascinating creatures. Look at the ground on a fairly nice day, and chances are you’ll see several scurrying around. The ants we interact with in everyday life tend to be scouts or foragers. The colony, with its impressive and complex tunnel system, remains hidden underground...more
The Gyro-Ring is really just five little tops of unusual design strung on a metal ring. Do you remember how tops appear to start "wobbling" as they slow down? This rotation of the spin axis is called precession and causes the ring to press on one side of the hole in the spinning top...more
The trick is to get the ball from one end of the wand to the other, through the sand. One might think that since the steel ball is much more dense than the sand, it will sink to the bottom when the sand is agitated. The opposite is actually true: Hold the wand vertically with the ball at or near the bottom...more
Now that you have acquired your Levitron® and have (Presumably) mastered the art of spinning the top and placing it in its position of stable levitation, you are perhaps beginning to feel the full sense of wonderment that the Levitron® excites in many people...more
The new XP3™ Clock uses "Persistence of Vision" technology to create images floating in mid air. We live in a world of both blinking and continuous lights. The phenomenon known as the "persistence of vision" causes many of the flashing lights we see, to appear continuous...more
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