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Solar Flier

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Manufacturer: Fascinations®
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High flying style!

You know what would make the Solar Flier perfect? If you were to build a replica of King Kong climbing to the top of the Empire State Building! Then you could recreate one of the most famous scenes in cinema history and you know what? It would probably look a lot more realistic now than it did seventy something years ago!

The Solar Flier is a fun desktop toy that will show everyone at work that you’re a high flyer who’s soon to be soaring all the way up the company ladder. After all, it’s the toys on the desk that make the employee!

Made from polished aluminum, the Solar Flier is suspended in midair by an arm that extends from its matching base. However, with solar cells built into the wings, it doesn’t stay stationary for long once a little sunshine or the light from your desk lamp gets its propeller turning. That’s when the air show begins as the Solar Flier starts flying around its base. Now that King Kong reference makes sense, huh?

This executive desk toy is not only fun, but also a nice little lesson in soar power. It is sure to be a big hit with everyone who sees it and is a perfect replacement for that tired, old gyroscope that has been on your desk for the past 25 years! In that sense, the Solar Flier really flies circles around the competition!

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