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USB MSN Missile Launcher

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Ready! Aim! Fire! Win any online argument with your friends using this amazing USB Missile Launcher.

The USB MSN Missile Launcher is an amazingly cool little invention that will change the way you chat with friends from here on out. Co-developed by Microsoft for use with MSN Messenger, the USB MSN Missile Launcher features a detachable top-mounted webcam that, provided both you and your buddy have a USB MSN Missile Launcher, will act as your enemy’s aiming device.

Tired of telling people how you feel with acronyms and character-generated facial expressions? Just imagine how liberating it would feel to launch a full-scale barrage on a friend’s face with these little warheads. Oh, the possibilities if every coworker had a USB MSN Missile Launcher on their desk! Conference calls would quickly become the most anticipated part of your day!

The USB MSN Missile Launcher, in its own little way, helps to close the gaps that may separate us from friends and family by letting us interact with them physically across great distances! Think of the endless hours of fun that could be had by picking up a USB MSN Missile Launcher, not only firing upon each other but setting up great target ranges using empty soda cans, your collection of action figures or each other’s pets! Ha, just kidding!

Includes: USB MSN Missile Launcher, 3 Foam Darts, Target, Software, Instructions.


  • Aim and fire at targets using the built-in webcam and MSN Messenger.
  • Take control over your buddy's missile launcher and shoot them!
  • Missile Launcher can pan left and right and tilt up and down.
  • Sound effects (from your computer) when you launch your buddy's missiles.
  • Can also be used as just a webcam.
  • USB Cord Length: 3 feet
  • Range: 15 feet
  • Software Compatibility: Windows XP/2000/Vista

MSN Missile Launcher Setup Webcam Setup

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