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USB Think Light

Availability: In stock
Manufacturer: Fascinations®
  • Gift wrap: Available at check out
Typing, to some extent, is like playing a piano. The faster you hack away at your keyboard, the greater admiration you get from your peers. Yet how do we gauge our typing speed? Our USB Think Light can give you a hand. The USB Think Light dims or brightens in response to the rate at which you type. It’s motivation to keep you focused throughout the day.

Electric lights can be found everywhere, but a light powered by typing…? Our USB Think Light is the perfect computer accessory that gauges the progress you make at your computer by increasing or decreasing the brightness of the bulb depending on the rate at which you type. The USB Think Light has a total of 5 output levels. If you average 100 words per minute then congratulations, you are a genius! You have reached the highest level!

But for the rest of us who have not yet reached the level of genius, the USB Think Light is the perfect way to gauge your progress! The USB Think Light also serves as a wonderful motivational tool to keep you from spacing out throughout the day. You may also try turning off other lights in your room in the hope that you will now be driven to get more work done and receive light in return!


  • Light bulb design with super bright LED
  • 5 Output Levels
  • On/Off Switch
  • Windows XP/2000 Compatible
  • 4' USB Cable
  • Requires 1 USB port
  • Dimension: 11x6x6 (cm)

USB Think Light Driver

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