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Bottle Opener Fridge Magnet

Our friends at Suck UK have brought us perhaps the most useful invention ever created - a bottle opener that sticks right to your fridge!Just place this on your refrigerator (a super strong magnet holds the opener in place) and never look for a bottle opener again. The beautiful, stainless steel finish makes this item both classy as well as functional. We recommend getting two - these make awesome gifts that anyone can use.

Dynaflex Powerball Speed Meter

This is a must-have, add-on for Dynaflex Powerball upgrading the ball to the ultimate performance machine. Just snap it into your Dynaflex Powerball and begin recording your speeds. The Dynaflex Speed Meter displays your RPM in real time and records your high scores. It also calculates the maximum numbers of the revolutions. A great tool to precisely keep track of your progress! Have fun with your friends or coworkers by engaging in competitions to see who can generate the fastest speeds!
$25.00 $19.95

Special Vampire FX Fangs

You know that really awesome vampire show? The one we can’t use the name of or else we’ll get sued? Yeah – that one! Notice the actors have those really cool fangs that retract and extend at will? Now you can own a pair of theatre quality Special FX Fangs! These are not the Halloween fangs you had as a kid. These deluxe fangs use dental putty to create a custom fit for realism and comfort. Once in place, simply use your tongue to extend or retract the fangs – just like on TV!

Kill-A-Watt EZ - Electric Usage Monitor

Discover exactly how much electricity your appliances really use. Then enter the rate charged by the electric company to forecast how much an individual appliance will cost you over the next week, month and year!
$49.95 $24.99
SKU: UVC-LSW-pocket

UVC Light Sanitizer Wand pocket

$34.95 $19.95

Splat Stan

'No! No! not without a coaster!' SPLAT! Poor Stan, he was so concerned with protecting your table from those awful stains left by your coffee mug that he martyred himself to thecause. But not even death can stop him! Splat Stan is still out to make sure you tables look brand new, even though he's passed on!
$12.00 $11.95

Picture Book - Charcoal

Bookworms will rejoice over this incredible frame from the great minds at Suck UK. Your books no longer have to sit, collecting dust on the shelf. Seeing how you haven't tossed them out or sold them yet, they must mean something to you - even if you won't pick them up again, and if there are some in there that mean a lot to you, why not show off more than their cracked and wrinkled spines? Create for yourself a stylish new library by hanging your favorite books along your walls with the Picture Book - Charcoal.
$25.00 $24.95

Dynaflex Amber Powerball

$40.95 $37.95

Book Mark

Book Mark, while crushed in the pages, will not mark your book with blood splatters. He is just another one of the clever and macabre creations from the twisted folks at Suck UK.

Stress Paul

Work and stress go hand in hand. And so do stress and Paul! That's because when you pick this little guy up and give him a squeeze, all your troubles will be wrung from your body, just like juice from an orange! A fun twist on the old stress balls, Stress Paul is a definite must for any work environment. Because hey, if not your boss' neck, why not his?

Mini Samurai Umbrella

Every once in a while, we come across something which is just plain awesome - I mean seriously... awesome. This is an umbrella with a handle fashioned after a samurai sword.
$24.95 $21.95

Shark Fin Ice Tray

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the freezer! This mold creates 5 ice sculptures. Just drop one in your beverage and watch as the dorsal fin menacingly circles your glass!
$9.99 $2.50