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USB Plasma Ball

Availability: Out of stock
Manufacturer: Fascinations®
  • Gift wrap: Available at check out

(Re)Introducing the Plasma ball! Redesigned for the more cramped desks of the 21st Century, the USB Plasma Ball will take up less space than its predecessor but will put on an equally impressive display with only the power of your USB Port!

A blast from the past that is a bolt from the blue!

The USB Plasma Ball is a modern version of your older brother's favorite bedroom decoration, to go along with his Dokken and “Nightmare on Elm Street” posters. That classic ball of trapped lightning derived from Nikola Tesla's invention that he originally called the Inert Gas Tube (heh heh) is now even better suited to fit atop your desk. But this mini version is still as flashy (get it?) as its older and bigger counterpart.

It works like this: the USB Plasma Ball is filled with a mixture of low-pressure gases like neon, xenon and krypton while the smaller glass orb in the center acts like an electrode which is fed a high voltage alternating current through a high voltage transformer. And the result is something rarely seen outside of one of Mother Nature's grandest performances.

Just plug the USB Plasma Ball into your (duh!) USB port towatch the light show begin. Bolts of lightning erupt from the electrode in the center of the ball, creating a fantastic electrical storm right there on your desk. Have fun commanding the awesome charges of electricity by placing your fingers on top of the ball and making them chase you around.

They may have been around for longer than you have, but that doesn't mean they're not every bit as cool as they were back when Charles was “in Charge.” And the USB Plasma Ball has gone ahead and made it compatible with our 21st Century world which means you're not being totally retro. Show the world you still know how to shock ‘em with the USB Plasma Ball.

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