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Optimus Prime


ICONX London Eye

ICONX London Eye

High Wheel Bicycle

This early bicycle design called the Penny-farthing was first produced about 1870. It used an enlarged front wheel instead of gears to create greater speed and a smoother ride. It was the first machine to be called a bicycle.

CH-47 Chinook

This American tandem rotor, heavy-lift helicopter was first used during the Vietnam War. Powered by two 4,733 horsepower turbo-shaft engines, it has a top speed of 196 mph which made it faster than any other utility and attack helicopter at that time. It remains in production and frontline service, with over 1,200 built to date.

AH-64 Apache

Originally produced by McDonnell Douglas, this Boeing twin-engine army attack helicopter first entered service with the US Army in 1984. Since then it has become the primary attack helicopter of many nations. More than 2,000 have been produced.
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130-In-One Electronic Project Lab

Hundreds of experiments, hours of fun, and countless lessons in science, all of this is yours when you pick up a 130-In-One Electronic Project Lab. This amazing do-it-yourself kit has everything you need to begin working in the exciting world of electricity, magnetism and physics!
$60.00 $54.99

1965 Ford Mustang

Ushered in a new class of automobile known as the pony car. Its revolutionary design featuring the long hood and short deck proved wildly popular and according to Ford, 22,000 orders were taken the day it debuted. The Mustang featured a base 170-cubic inch six-cylinder engine with a three-speed floor shift transmission, full wheel covers, bucket seats, carpeting, and a padded dash all for a base retail price of $2,320. An optional 260-cubic inch V-8 engine was also available.

50-In-One Electronic Project Lab

Everyday can be a science fair and every day you can take home the blue ribbon when you have the 50-In-One Electronic Project Lab! Build hundreds of projects, learn new and exciting science lessons all from where you’re sitting right now with this incredible do-it-yourself kit!
$27.70 $26.70

75-In-One Electronic Project Lab

Create for yourself electronic projects with this amazing do-it-yourself lab. Safe and fun for both children and adults, the 75-In-One Electronic Project Lab will send jolts of excitement all through you (figuratively speaking) as you build several hundred different experiments.

Airzooka Air Gun

Laser tag, Cowboys and Indians, Cops and robbers, these are all kids games! You're grown up now... but that doesn't mean you can't have fun! Even at work, when you tire of toiling around your cube and want to lash out a bit, you can still have a little youthful enjoyment - just by breaking out the AirZooka and letting loose on your coworkers with a barrage of gale-force fun!
$19.90 $9.99

AntWorks Ant Habitat

Antworks brings you this awesome, state-of-the-art ant colony. Using Space Age technology, the unique design of the Antworks Ant habitat lets observers experience the wonders of these incredible civilizations in entirely new way.
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Big Ben Tower

Is the nickname for the great bell of the clock at the north end of the Palace of Westminster in London though today the name also refers to the clock and the clock tower. The bell weighs almost 14 tons and each clock face is 23 feet in diameter. It became fully operational on September 7th, 1859 and is today one of the most prominent symbols of London standing at 316 feet high. The clock requires winding three times per week and pennies are periodically added or removed from the clock of pendulum to maintain its accuracy.

Bigbang Rocket Light Up

Great for BBQs, trips to the park or even your front yard or the sidewalk, the Big Bang Rocket – Light Up redefines the rocket toy by being easy to operate, easy to find and, above all, safe for the children and everyone around them! Go for Launch! Here is a rocket toy that lights up the competition then blows them away with a Big Bang! The Big Bang Rocket – Light Up will delight children for hours with its unique design that allows it to be used on virtually any surface at any time, day or night. And parents will love that their children have a safe, reliable rocket toy to play with that also encourages them to think green. All those stacks of newspapers in the garage can finally be put to better use than sopping up oil slicks. Just tear off a small piece and lay it across the tube and place the plastic cap on top and you’re almost ready to blast off! Just slip your hand through the toss strap and you have the world’s most unique rocket toy at your command. Sling your rocket skyward using the toss strap and marvel as it streaks through the air, lighting up the sky with its magnificent rainbow color display. Now watch as gravity takes over, pulling your Big Bang Rocket down to earth by the nose which, upon touchdown, resounds with a Big Bang. This durable rocket toy is safe for use on any surface: grass, sand, dirt, hard concrete, the Big Bang Rocket – Light Up is go for launch in any part of the park. And because its color display stays lit up for a minute, it is ready to go at night as well!

Black Pearl Model

The Black Pearl There once was a real ship named Black Pearl captained by Henry Morgan, one of the world’s most notorious pirates. The Black Pearl which first sailed in 1669 fought many battles; the most famous of which was an invasion in Panama in 1671.