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Dynaflex Powerball Speed Meter

This is a must-have, add-on for Dynaflex Powerball upgrading the ball to the ultimate performance machine. Just snap it into your Dynaflex Powerball and begin recording your speeds. The Dynaflex Speed Meter displays your RPM in real time and records your high scores. It also calculates the maximum numbers of the revolutions. A great tool to precisely keep track of your progress! Have fun with your friends or coworkers by engaging in competitions to see who can generate the fastest speeds!
$25.00 $19.95

Eye of Horus Beam Splitter for KHET2.0

Eye of Horus Beam Splitter for KHET2.0 The perfect companion to KHET2.0! Contains two Eye of Horus beamsplitter pieces. Each piece splits one laser beam into two by reflecting half of the beam and transmitting the other half for twice the strategy and excitement! With both pieces in play, the beam can be split twice blasting three lasers around the field with one push of the button! Includes a full color booklet including brand new starting setups and science explanations
$11.99 $10.99

iXP3 Ethernet Bridge

Made for the iXP3 Internet Message Clock but compatible with other Ethernet devices, the iXP3 Ethernet Bridge is a trusty piece of hardware created to ease the stress of networking.
$90.00 $50.00

Levitron® Self Starter

Let's face it - not everyone is good at spinning a top. If your fingers are not so nimble, just use this inexpensive device to give your Levitron® top the perfect spin. Uses...

Levitron® Top Refresher Kit

This refresher kit includes a spare top and set of weights. Everything needed to get your Levitron floating top going again. Works with all Levitron models.

Low Light Solar Spinner

Low Light Solar Spinner

Solar Spinner

A solar powered revolving acrylic platform. No batteries and requies very little light The 3.5' diameter rotating disc is the perfect size to display Metalworks laser cut models. Always in motion, the new Solar Spinner display 360 degrees of the 3D laser cut model. So order your Free Display today using Promo Code PCSS12 and SPIN YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS.

Tool Kit

Contains clipper, flat nose pliers and needle nose pliers, ideal for building MetalEarth models.

Webcaster Sticks (20 count)

These Webcaster Sticks will let you create a spooky spidery web scene and are for use in the Webcaster spider web gun.